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Windows can act as hover boxes.

LivePipe has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.
The author now works primarily on Thorax

LivePipe UI

High Quality Controls & Widgets for Prototype


LivePipe UI is a suite of high quality widgets and controls for web 2.0 applications built using the Prototype JavaScript Framework. Each control is well tested, highly extensible, fully documented and degrades gracefully for non JavaScript enabled browsers where possible. MIT licensed.

Event Oriented Programming

introduces a mechanism to create and observe events on any object, not just DOM Elements. This is used by all controls, and allows for fine grained control of your user interface. Making use of this is as easy as:

	var w = new Control.Window();
		//insert your custom logic here

Control Examples

You're already using the simplest example of Control.Tabs. This control can also be customized to a variety of different navigation types. The image switcher below is one of many possibilities.

The table below shows a few of the possible customizations of Control.Window.

Centered Window / Content on PageclassName: 'simple_window', closeOnClick: true
Relative Window / Dynamic Contentposition: 'relative', className: 'simple_window', closeOnClick: true
HoverBoxposition: 'relative', offsetLeft: 75, width: 175, hover: true, className: 'tooltip'
Relative Window / Content from AjaxoffsetLeft: 150, position: 'relative', className: 'simple_window', closeOnClick: 'container'
Draggable / Styled Window Onewindow_factory() options
Draggable / Styled Window Twowindow_factory() options
Modal Windowfade: true, overlayOpacity: 0.75, className: 'modal'
TooltipclassName: 'tooltip'

The example below demonstrates both components of Control.TextArea as it is used in other areas of the site. This implementation is specific to the Markdown formatting language.


Control.SelectMultiple provides a sensible alternative to the traditional select multiple input that attaches to an existing select input on any page.

Select Multiple

Control.Rating attaches to any div, and is easy to integrate with your existing Ajax applications. It can also interact with other form elements that are already on the page.

{value: 2.4}
{value: 4, rated: true}
{value: 6, rated: false, max:9}
{value: 6, rated: false, min: 3, max: 12, multiple: true, reverse: true}
{input: 'rating_seven_input', multiple: true}
{input: 'rating_eight_select', multiple: true}

Control.ProgressBar is a percentage based progress bar that can be set to grow in one of three ways: on a timed interval, when events in your application tell it to, or it can be set to poll a given URL.

Control.ScrollBar provides a pure JavaScript/CSS scroll bar implementation and includes mouse wheel support, a proportionally drawn handle, and can accommodate dynamic content and layout changes with the recalculateLayout() method.

Use the Mouse Wheel or Handle to Scroll

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Insert Paragraph and recalculateLayout()

Control.ContextMenu provides a simple API for programming contextual menus. You can attach a context menu to the entire document or any Element. Menus can be triggered via a right click (default), or left click.

Right Click on Image

Left Click on Image

Show third menu item?



LivePipe UI also includes a small and growing collection of useful extras. Currently this list includes: