Warehouse v1.1.5: SVN Blame, Simpler DNS Setupn

Warehouse v1.1.5 has dropped, bringing SVN Blame support and an option for simpler domain settings.

This should be a painless upgrade if you have the warehouse:upgrade task set up properly. Basically, just put this parallel to warehouse v1.1.4, make your necessary web server changes to use this version of warehouse, and restart.


Svn Blame support (nice ajax toggle if you’re using Ultraviolet for syntax highlighting)
Ultraviolet theme selection
Support repositories as subdirectories instead of subdomains.
Small admin change: creating a repository gives the current user full permissions to the repository too.

The FAQ has been updated to reflect the changes. We’ll see you in the forums if you have problems.

I’d like to thank the Warehouse community for this release, especially the beta testers who helped squash a few remaining bugs in the last week. SVN Blame support probably wouldn’t even be possible without help using the ruby/svn bindings from a couple folks, so I really appreciate it.

Chad Chad said on January 8th

Looks awesome! It doesn’t seem to be highlighting my views though (.html.erb/.js.rjs/etc), something need to be updated for it to recognize the new extensions?
macournoyer macournoyer said on January 8th

nice! was waiting for the subdir layout

+1051.23 for Git support
rick rick said on January 8th

Are you using Ultraviolet? It uses textmate syntax files. Here’s a patch to add support to erb and builder files:

curl “http://rafb.net/p/r181x349.txt” | patch -p1
Chad Chad said on January 9th

Thanks Rick
MDK MDK said on January 11th

Git support would be totally awsome!

What’s next for Warehouse? Plugins are getting a rewrite to use Rails Engines, maybe some git support, and a couple surprises.

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