Braindump Admidst Important Presentations on Rubinius, RSpec, and Adhearsion

Boy, it has been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve been cruising in silent mode for a bit, while attending RubyConf 2007 and finding a place to live. Here are a few things swirling around in my head that haven’t made it to a blog post yet…

RubyConf was great. It’s amazing how much the community has grown since 2005 (the conference attendance has doubled at least), yet it still managed to keep a good noncommercial vibe. I’d have to say though, my favorite topic of the weekend was the Treetop parsing framework. I never did any real programming like writing a lisp compiler or anything, so this is a whole new world for me.

There were some great presentations on Rubinius, RSpec, and Adhearsion as well. So interesting, in fact, that we’ve decided to sponsor the projects with Lighthouse accounts. Things are running smoothly for the most part, so we’re trying to get more involved in the open source community where we can. I’d like to make this more of a regular thing in the future, but that’ll probably have to wait until 2008 when we’re all settled in our new homes.

Another interesting note is that the Defensio spam service has finally gone public. We’ve been testing their service on Lighthouse against Akismet, as some of you may already know. I’ll have to run the numbers again and see what the results are. We have been experimenting with a spam interface in Lighthouse actually, and taking advantage of the various features Defensio provides to make it easier.

Sam Smoot Sam Smoot said on November 10th

You think Warehouse might eventually support Git? I’m getting a little disillusioned with SVN loosing half my changes trying to merge back large branches, and peeps have been saying Git is the cure for what ails me so I’ve been considering switching.

BTW, good going on the support for Rubinius! 🙂
rick rick said on November 13th

I’d say there’s a good chance, though probably not for a little while unfortunately. There are still a lot more folks using SVN, and our focus is on keeping them happy. But at the same time, we’re also wanting to move to git internally…
Mason Mason said on December 4th

I would sing your praises if you supported git. And I might even sign up. 😉
Roy Roy said on December 6th

Can you please describe the main differnces between the old SVN and the new GIT.

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